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French Version of Retail-Man - Updated Mar 2019

PostPosted: Tue May 06, 2008 12:30 am
by graham
The French menus have been updated and reviewed again by professional translators. Many new terms have been added and existing terms updated. The menus in Retail-Man can be converted into French. The files can be downloaded using the links below.

1) Download file

2) Extract the French.lng and French.CDX files from, copy them into the folder for Retail-Man (e.g. C:\RMAN)

You can easily switch between menus between English and French. As yet we have no documentation or on-line help in French. Subject to demand, this will be prepared.

English to French
3) Start Retail-Man in the normal way
4) Maintenance -> User Settings -> Master User -> Settings
5) Change the Language File from English (Default) to French using the pull-down menu.
6) Click on Save (F2).
7) Click on Close (Esc).

The menus should now be in French. If not, exit from Retail-Man, then re-start the program.

French to English
a) Start Retail-Man in the normal way
b) Maintenance -> Param├Ętres de l'utilisateur -> Master User -> Param├Ętres
c) Change the Language File from French to English using the pull-down menu.
d) Click on Enregister (F2).
e) Click on Fermer (Esc)

The menus should now be in English.

We will be interested to receive feedback on the use of the menus in French. Merci!

Graham Morris

Ezi Solution Systems